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2000 -thru- 2050
The Antipas Foundation and Faithful Witness Ministries -
Proclaiming the Gospel of the Resurrection of Christ Jesus and announcing His soon return.
Inspiration And Information For A Biblically Oriented, Christian World-View

In The Days Of Christ Jesus
In the years CE 26, 31 and 34, Easter occurred on a wildly earlier date than The Passover.

A FALSE Pentecost is counted from a capricious, erratic Easter, it is counted from an Easter that is on a wildly earlier date than The Passover. While the TRUE, Biblical Pentecost (Shavu'ot) is 50 days from the first Sunday that follows (after) The Passover. If Easter was the authentic Resurrection day, Easter would always follow The Passover.
2000 -thru- 2050
This is the BIBLICAL ecclesiastical calendar, displaying days/dates which are according to the Word of God. This is NOT today's Roman Catholic ecclesiastical calendar, which honors pagan Easter in place of the 1st Sunday following The Passover This is NOT today's Orthodox Jewish ecclesiastical calendar, which deviates from their OWN Holy Scriptures (Torah, Tanakh).
In the years CE 2005, 2008, 2016, 2024, 2027, 2035, 2043 and 2046, Easter occurs on a WILDLY EARLIER date than Passover.

During any given century, an erratic, capricious Easter occurs a month before The Passover about 20% of the time.

If Easter really was the authentic Resurrection day, Easter would always follow The Passover.

The above charts were developed from information found at the following World Wide Web locations:

Virtual Perpetual Calendar - http://www.vpcalendar.net/

Perpetual Jewish Civil Calendar - https://web.uwm.edu/jewish-calendar/

Easter Sunday/Jewish Passover Calculator - This JavaScript calculator determines the dates of Julian and Gregorian Easter Sunday, plus the date and weekday of the first day of the Jewish Passover feast (For: 15 Nisan) for a given year. Also given are the Paschal Full Moon date and miscellaneous computistical parameters such as the dominical letter, the golden number (or epact), and the martyrology letter according to the Julian and the Gregorian calendrical reckoning. https://webspace.science.uu.nl/~gent0113/easter/easter_text2a.htm


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